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About Us
Orgill is the world's largest, privately owned, hardlines distributor. Join Us Today!
Orgill headquarters, Collierville TN
Orgill headquarters, Collierville TN
Orgill, Inc. is the world's largest independent hardlines distributor with annual sales of $3.6 billion. The privately owned company was founded in 1847 and is headquartered in Collierville, TN.
Worldwide Distribution and Retail Services
Orgill serves more than 12,000 retail hardware stores, home centers, pro lumber dealers, and farm stores throughout the United States and Canada, and over 50 countries around the world.
Orgill Constantly Hires Top CDL Truck Drivers to Serve Every Location. Find Out More!
Orgill Provides Service and Deliveries You Can Count On
Orgill Provides Service & Deliveries You Can Count On
Orgill employee helping customers
Orgill employee helping customers
Orgill retailers have immediate access to more than 75,000 SKUs in each of its eight distribution centers. Drop Ship programs are available from the industry's leading manufacturers.
Orgill's distribution facilities are among the newest and most efficient in the industry, with order accuracy rates of 99.6% and industry leading fill rates.
Orgill operates one of the industry's largest truck fleets. 98% of Orgill customers receive their shipment on a scheduled Orgill truck with an Orgill driver within 48 hours of placing their order.
The Largest Field Sales Team in the Industry!
More than 400 Orgill field representatives are strategically located throughout North America. These highly trained men and women work side by side with customers to help identify and address opportunities in the dealer's local market.
Our sales team is supported by our retail services team, both in the field and in the Orgill Concept Center. Our customers know that help and expertise is only a phone call away.
At Orgill we know that our success depends on the success of our retailers. Every employee at Orgill is dedicated to accomplishing this goal.
Orgill Has Always Been About Independence
There are no membership fees required to be an Orgill customer. Our focus is on enhancing the strength and effectiveness of the dealers' local brand.
Our world-class retail services help independent retailers run their businesses more effectively. These services include: market analysis, store design and layout, assortment planning and review, pricing strategies, Brand Building integrated marketing services, promotional buying, educational seminars - both monthly and at our dealer markets- and shared best practices from our most successful case studies.
Why Orgill Is The Fastest Growing Distributor
Why Orgill is the Fastest Growing Distributor
Orgill sales growth from 1957 through 2017
Orgill sales growth from 1957 through 2017
(2021 sales = $3.6 billion)
Orgill's sales have doubled over the past ten years, and are 15x what they were in 1990. The growth is a direct result of the company's focus on its mission to "Help Our Customers Be Successful".
Orgill Employs Staff Dedicated to Our Mission to Better Support Local Hardline Stores.
Dealer Market employees helping customers
Dealer Market employees helping customers


what our customers are saying graphic
what our customers are saying graphic
what our customers are saying graphic
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