Orgill Spring Buying Event
Orgill Spring Buying Event
Orgill Spring Buying Event
Orgill’s Spring Online Buying Event
February 8 - 19
Planning Period: February 1 - 7
Success of our e-Volution Event
In August, 2020, we kicked off e-Volution, our first online buying event. With new technology and the help of our vendor partners, we had a record-setting event. By the end of our selling period, just short of 10,000 attendees representing 4,500 dealers had participated and together with our vendor partners, we broke sales records set by previous Dealer Markets.
Why was this new event such a success? It appears we got a few things right: The length of our event was helpful -- 2 work-weeks long, plus the weekend in the middle. This turned out to be a perfect fit for you, our dealers.
Another thing it appears we got right was the site design. We designed it in a way that you could figure it out mostly on your own -- and you did.
Why a Spring Online Buying Event
As we near the end of 2020, with the pandemic and related uncertainty still in front of us, we decided that an online buying event in February, 2021 makes the most sense -- for you, our customers, our vendor partners and for Orgill. While our first online event this past September was deemed a success, we know we still have many opportunities to improve things for everyone.
The Spring Buying Event will include the following “upgrades":
  • Simplifying ordering processes for Orgill dealers that have more than one location.

  • Easier options for Orgill reps, dealers and vendors to connect during the event.

  • Improved navigation between our Buying Event site and

  • Image capabilities for dropship planograms and dropship pallets to improve shopability.

Once again, we’re not getting extra fancy here. This is a buying event. Period. For two weeks, Dealers, Sales Reps and Vendors will collaborate remotely using Orgill’s online platform to buy, sell and meet — albeit remotely. No workshops. No parties. No shaking hands. Merely the buying of products and all that it takes to make that happen.
Our Online Buying Event Concept
As in our previous online event, you will have access to the event website by logging into We will manage the buying process for Dealers using’s technology.
Then you will be able navigate our Buying Event website to explore products and vendors, as well as to communicate.
The union between familiar,, and new, our Buying Event website, is at the heart of our strategy.
Getting Started
Orgill’s Spring Online Buying Event is for Orgill dealers only. If you are interested in becoming an Orgill Dealer please contact us.