When you convert to Orgill, our experienced conversion staff will begin working with you to make the change as seamless as possible.

Taking the First Steps

Once you decide to utilize Orgill as your primary supplier, Orgill’s conversion staff will begin working with you to seamlessly make the change to your new distributor.

Orgill’s retail development managers have tackled thousands of conversions and have developed a system that ensures making the switch to Orgill is as easy as possible.

They are armed with extensive computer databases to compare items stocked by co-ops and distributors with Orgill-equivalent products.

Updating Your Systems

In preparation for the conversion, Orgill will work with you and your POS provider to extract your inventory information. This will be the foundation to a quality conversion.

Once it’s extracted, this file will be cross-matched to Orgill’s inventory to provide a foundation for inventory analysis, including retaining sales history, identifying slow-performing SKUs and possible missing categories.

Then, Orgill will share the results and go-forward recommendations with you. This would include any Smart Start recommendations that aid the conversion process. Smart Start is Orgill’s vendor lift program that can help change your assortments to Orgill warehouse-backed brands and will refresh the categories. Its implementation can be executed at the fraction of the cost, compared to ordering new assortments.

You can work with Orgill to review your go-forward retail pricing strategy, which includes a look at your retail margins and ensuring you are priced correctly for your specific market. Once the audit is completed, Orgill staff will coordinate between you and your POS company to have the new file uploaded for conversion.

Setting the Store

The next step is for Orgill’s retail development manager to contact you to set a date for the physical conversion at the store. The conversion process includes confirming your POS system has all updated information, bin labeling and merchandising the new Smart Start assortments. This entire process can be completed in one week, minimizing the impact to the retailer’s regular business.

A New Start

The conversion process with Orgill gives you a unique opportunity to complete an audit of your inventory. This allows you to look more closely at your business’s sales performance, category breadth and retail pricing, among other metrics.

Orgill offers a variety of programs that help as you analyze these different facets of your business:

  • Smart Starts - A powerful program to integrate your store with Orgill backed warehouse inventory at reduced expense and elimination of existing slow selling product.

  • Hardware 101 - This program helps ensure you're stocking core products within assortments that are required for consumers to consider your store a "viable option" within a particular category.

  • Market Specific Pricing - This program uses aggressive variable pricing so you can maximize your margins, while establishing a competitive price position in your market.

  • Store signage and decor packages - Orgill offers complete store merchandising resources, including fixtures, signage and decor packages customizable to your store.

  • Impulse sales opportunities - From dump bins and stack-outs to clip strips and counter merchandisers, Orgill has programs for every area of your store

For more information about how Orgill can help you through the conversion process, call Mark Scheer

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