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vendor meetings
vendor meetings
Thank you for your interest in becoming an Orgill vendor. Our merchants constantly seek new and innovative products that will help our retailers be successful. We look for vendors that we can create strong partnerships with in order to provide the best experience for our customers. You’ll first need to connect with the appropriate merchant for your products. Your merchant will review your request and provide you with the next steps if Orgill decides to add you as a supplier. Below you will find some helpful information about contacting your merchant and getting started with Orgill.
Frequently Asked Questions
We have compiled a list of most asked questions and provided the answers here for you.

Q: How do I become a Vendor with Orgill?
Submit a brief history of your company along with a list of products you wish us to consider with a list of distributors you are currently supplying. You should include your company contacts and a short company philosophy of how you go to market and where your product(s) fit in. See the list of departments and buyers to find your merchant (Click Here for Merchandising Department Listing)
Q: How do I submit my products to Orgill?
After you have made contact with your merchant to become a vendor, your merchant will guide you through the process. See the list of departments and buyers (Click Here for Merchandising Department Listing)
Q: How do I submit a Drop Ship Program to Orgill?
You first must become an Orgill vendor and submit your program to the appropriate merchant. All programs both warehouse and drop ship must be approved by your merchant. (Click Here for Merchandising Department Listing)
Q: How can Orgill help me promote my product to retailers?
We have many ways to promote your items. Once your merchant has approved the items, they can help you decide on the best way to promote your products. Our Dealer Markets are one of the best ways to get your products in front of our retailers. and are tools used by many of our retailers for ordering and for item information. Stocking products are automatically added to We also promote items monthly in our promotion pieces. If needed, we can develop full color promotional pieces designed exclusively for your product. Theses are just a few ways we can get your product promoted to our retailers. Our merchants are also interested in hearing your ideas for promoting your products.
Q: How can I find out more information about Orgill's Dealer Markets and how to participate?
Your merchant can answer any questions you may have. You must be set-up as a vendor to participate. Our event planning or merchandising support staff can answer any technical questions you may have.
Q: How do I register on Orgill.Com?
Before you can register on Orgill.Com or, you must first be a vendor with Orgill. You will need to know your Orgill customer reference number (this is not your vendor number). Your merchant or primary Orgill contact can provide you with this number. After you have obtained your Orgill customer reference number, click on the Register link on Orgill.Com. Enter you Orgill customer reference number in the space provided and follow the process. After you have successfully submitted your username and password, it will take us approximately one business day to activate your login.
Q: How can I check the status of an invoice?
Once you login, there is a link provided on the website that will allow you to view the status of invoices submitted to Orgill for payment. If you can not find any information on the invoice you are looking for, we may not have the invoice.