Orgill Fall Buying Event
Orgill Fall Buying Event
Orgill Fall Buying Event
Orgill Buying Events
Last fall, in response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we debuted our first-ever Online Buying Event. This effort represented an evolution in the way we would begin hosting buying shows. Now, in 2021 with two highly successful Online Buying Events behind us, we are expanding how online and live buying events will work in tandem to offer you a more comprehensive, accessible and intuitive experience.
We are now offering Orgill dealers a variety of ways to interact with our team and our vendor partners. We also recognize that retailers are busy and more focused on their operations than ever. Integrating additional Online Buying Events that work together with live events is our path forward.
The Fall Buying Event
The first change related to this new strategy is that Orgill will not be hosting an in-person Fall Dealer Market, which had been planned for Aug. 26-28 in Chicago. Instead, we will host a Fall Online Buying Event that will run Aug. 16-27 in 2021. This event will look very similar to the past couple events, with another round of system and process improvements.
Watch for an invitation to register this summer.
New Quarterly Buying Events
What started as a necessity, has grown into a well-rounded strategy for connecting you with the products, promotional pricing and seasonal specials you need.

Along with the Fall Online Buying Event in August, we have plans to host the following events:

  • A Winter 2021 Online Buying Event in late October

  • A Spring 2022 Online Buying Event that will coincide with the in-person Spring Dealer Market in Orlando in February 24-26, 2022

  • A Summer 2022 Online Buying Event in late April 2022

More will be announced about all of these events as they get closer, so stay tuned.
But when it comes to the next in-person event, we plan to pull out all the stops for our Spring Dealer Market in Orlando. Not only will the event represent our return to in-person buying markets, it will also mark Orgill's 175th anniversary.
The Spring Dealer Market will be a celebration in many ways!