These programs and services were designed with retailers in mind to increase sales and profitability. From programs that expand your offering without adding inventory to programs that help you add niche areas, Orgill has the solutions for your store.
As Seen On TV
Orgill has developed over 2,000 retail assortments to meet your store's specific needs. Planograms are Orgill's “As Seen on TV" program helps customers of every type and size take advantage of consumer demand for these impulse items. Our program helps customers capture sales on the items that are being heavily promoted at any given time on TV, but in quantities that make sense for today's independent home improvement retailer.
Bagged Goods Program
Whether you Want to offer a complete, seasonal garden center product offering or just bring in a small assortment of mulch and soil, our Bagged Goods Program can help. We can help you source everything from pavers and retaining Wall to mulch and more. Orgill's Bagged Goods Program matches your needs with suppliers that deliver to your specific region of the country, which helps reduce your shipping costs. In addition to ordering capabilities, there is also a world of information available at your fingertips including buying information, statistics about the lawn and garden market, how-to manuals and helpful suggestions for how you can get the most out of your lawn and garden offering.
Dollar Central
Orgill's Dollar Central Program can help you increase impulse sales and drive more customer traffic into your store. This broad assortment of products can help attract value-oriented consumers and increase overall transaction size. Orgill has selected the most profitable categories including home cleaning aids, party supplies, toys, kitchen supplies and seasonal items. We offer over 400 items to give you the flexibility to select the lines you think will do well in your marketplace.
Emergency Preparedness
Being prepared for a natural disaster or your customer's emergency needs is crucial. To help ensure that the home and business owners in your area are prepared for emergencies, Orgill has a special Emergency Preparedness Program. This program provides you with information, a special buy period, listings of supplies that are vital to safety, preparation, and recovery. Most area residents turn to their local hardware and home improvement stores for supplies both before and after a disaster occurs, make sure your store has the supplies that are needed most.
Fresh Living Program
Orgill's filter program, Fresh Living, is a turnkey solution to help retailers capitalize on a niche opportunity in becoming a destination point for today's consumer to purchase all their filter needs. The program provides an ordering portal for special order capabilities allowing you to sell without having an inventory investment. The online portal has over 16,000 skus available and the ability to custom manufacture any size HVAC filter. Never miss a filter sale again.
Home Design Center
Expand your offering without the expense of a showroom. Use the Home Design center catalog that features hundreds of design oriented items including faucets, lighting, ceiling fans, door knobs, locksets, all in a variety of styles and finishes suited to an assortment of tastes to offer your customers a design service, advice, or special ordering.
Impulse Merchandising
Impulse merchandising can help you increase your transaction size. By strategically placing impulse items throughout your store you can capture additional consumer sales. Orgill can help you with various techniques including cross merchandising, clip strips, endcaps, seasonal items, consumables at the checkout and more. Use impulse items throughout your store to enhance your profitability and your customer's experience.
LBM Program
We have a complete selection of LBM products to suit your needs, no matter how large or small your operation. We stock a wide assortment of building materials in our distribution centers and offer an even more comprehensive selection of items through our exclusive drop—ship programs, from OSB and gypsum to windows and doors.
Lock Services
Orgill Locks Services can provide you with custom keying services without long lead times. Our state of the art facility provides you with the depth and breadth of Orgill's lockset manufacturers' offerings. Our factory trained staff is ready to answer your questions or process your orders and can handle keyed alike residential house jobs, or the large contractor-type multi-family projects.
PartScription Program
PartScription offers over 9 million appliance parts in a single search-and—order platform for improved selection, service and profitability. The program provides an integrated solution that eliminates cost, lost time, money and frustration invested in equipment management across the appliance, electronics, lawn and garden, HVAC, vacuum, commercial kitchen and laundry categories. Become the single-source solution for repair parts in your area.
Orgill has developed over 2,000 retail assortments to meet your store's specific needs. Planograms are available in all departments and in many sizes to fit any size store. Use the planograms to meet the demands of your market, maximize your space and make your store easier to shop. Review planograms and order quantities and quickly add an entire planogram to an order with one click.
Pool Portal
The Pool Portal gives you access to over 20,000 pool parts, including parts for older pool motors. Knowing that such parts come in countless variations, Orgill developed Pool Portal to include product descriptions and illustrations with part explanations so you can be sure you're ordering the right parts. Round out your pool supplies assortments by becoming the pool parts destination in your market.
Sales Without Inventory
Generate sales without having to invest in inventory. Our programs provide access to over 10 million special order products including swimming pool parts, appliance parts, electronic parts, custom filters, locksets, air — water — refrigeration — and vacuum filters, home design hardware, motors and more. Extend your product offering and build your sales without having to carry additional inventory.
Specialty Catalogs
Orgill Specialty Catalogs are convenient reference and buying guides for specific markets. Provide your customers and prospective customers With access to the products they are looking for in these niche areas: Commercial Trades, Maintenance Repair & Operations, Building Professionals, Agricultural Vocations, and Contractors. Use the catalogs as tools to expand your sales to businesses such as hotels, restaurants, schools, apartments, farmers, building professionals, contractors, and other small businesses.
Worldwide Sourcing
Orgill's WorldWide Sourcing Program can help you compete effectively in today's competitive marketplace. Using our unparalleled global reach and volume purchasing power, WorldWide Sourcing brings you a broad range of popular products at price points that keep you in the game. Orgill has gone direct to factories to get the right products with the right features at the right price. Compare our Worldwide Sourcing products feature for feature across all price ranges and you'll see the tremendous value that they offer When compared to national and popular imported brands.
For More Information Call Philip Walker At 800-347-2860 Ext. 6780
For More Information Call Philip Walker At 800-347-2860 Ext. 6780