K&C Supply

The Challenge

The products and layout at K&C Supply were cobbled together from existing merchandisers. The store needed to broaden its assortments, improve merchandising and take advantage of additional opportunities in the market.

The Plan

Orgill worked with the owners to develop a plan to implement more than 25 Smart Start assortments, representing more than 100 linear feet of product resets, and added 30 linear feet of resets to power tool accessories.

The Results

Orgill worked to complete the store's product lifts, retags and resets, and the entire onsite process was done in five days. The results were immediate and the owners say they have sold more products than ever before.

Orgill Services Used



Market Driven Retailing

Smart Start

Orgill Services Implemented at Germantown Hardware

Physical Conversion

The entire conversion process of pulling product, moving sections to better align adjacencies, setting the new assortments and point of purchase signage was completed by Orgill in less than five days.

POC Conversion

With Orgill's help, K&C Supply completed a POS data conversion that allowed them to customize product data and set a price sensitivity level that fit their market.

Market Driven Retailing

Orgill’s Market Driven Retailing study provided a clear overview of product categories to focus on at the store. It also confirmed the local market was ripe for growth and underserved by other home improvement providers.

Smart Start

More than 25 Smart Start assortments were implemented at K&C Supply to augment the store’s assortments and clean up merchandise presentation. Smart Start merchandise buyback credits helped offset the costs of the reset.