Germantown Hardware

The Challenge

Orgill subsidiary Central Network Retail Group (CNRG) acquired underperforming Germantown Hardware so it could operate a local store and showcase its retail programs and Tyndale Advisors’ services for Orgill customers.

The Plan

The entire Orgill team worked together on the acquisition plan, store redesign and remodel, remerchandising, marketing and rebranding plan — and grand reopening — all without shutting down the store for even a single day.

The Results

Not only did customers continue to shop at Germantown Hardware, but the business posted double-digit sales increases during the construction and saw a 38% increase in year-over-year sales following project completion.

Orgill Services

  • Assortments
  • Hardware101
  • CNRG
  • Focused Assortment Planning
  • FanBuilder
  • BrandBase
  • Store Signage
  • Tyndale Advisors Marketing

Orgill Services Implemented at Germantown Hardware


CNRG continually tests retail solutions, such as alternative signage and a new checkout system, at Germantown Hardware. The results are shared with Orgill customers—who are welcome to see them in action at the store.

Fan Builder

Orgill’s FanBuilder loyalty program was used to create a customer loyalty program, called Germantown Hardware Rewards, with an online dashboard and its own branding, promotions, messaging, rewards and more.

Store Signage

When developing signage for Germantown Hardware, Orgill's store design team used icon representation for each department over the aisles and on endcaps as an alternative to traditional departmental signage.

Hardware 101

The Hardware 101 process at Germantown Hardware took a closer look at the store's products and order history. The resulting reports helped identify missing SKUs and fill gaps in assortments and categories.