The Orgill PMAPP Program: Growing Success in Competitive Retail

Sustaining Excellence in a Challenging Market

Orgill's PMAPP (Promotional Minimum Advertised Pricing) Program is a strategic initiative that empowers Orgill dealers with the opportunity to stand out in the competitive retail market. By partnering with renowned vendors like Stanley Black & Decker, Milwaukee, and Makita, this program offers not only access to top-quality products but also significant cost savings, enabling you to compete effectively against larger retailers.

Why Choose the Orgill PMAPP Program?

1. Cost-Effective Solutions: Enjoy substantial savings through our strategic vendor relationships, enabling you to offer competitive pricing to your customers.

2. Premium Vendor Partnerships:

Stanley Black & Decker: A leader in the tool industry, known for its innovation and reliability. They bring a century-old legacy of quality and a diverse portfolio of powerful tools and accessories.

Milwaukee: Renowned for their advanced technology and durability, Milwaukee's products are designed for heavy-duty use, making them a favorite among professionals.

Makita: With a focus on precision and efficiency, Makita's tools are celebrated for their ergonomic design and energy-efficient models, ideal for various applications.

3. Competitive Advantage: With access to premier products at advantageous pricing, position your business as a key player in the tool and equipment market.

Exclusive to Orgill Dealers

This program is exclusively available to Orgill dealers, ensuring that our partners have the tools and resources they need to succeed. If you're already an Orgill dealer, you're invited to explore the numerous benefits of the PMAPP Program:


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